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    Our Prodcuts

    Below you will find all the products developed in the Eurasian. Click one of the product for more information

    Connecting All The Hospitality Pieces

    Maximize the operational efficiency of hospitality activities by connecting your store to your back-office systems. Create a single source of truth to manage inventory, fulfillment, CRM, financials, and more from a comprehensive management platform.

    Eurasian offers a complete range of software solutions that addresses every requirement of the hospitality industry. Each solution from Eurasian has been developed keeping in mind the complexity and inter-connectivity of various functions in the hospitality domain. We believe the focal point of every software solution should be the simplification and streamlining of your business processes to help you devote quality time to the core issues of your business growth and customer delight.

    Our Awards

    Business Partners

    We are the top three website for travel & hospitality products in the Netherlands. Voordeeluitjes.nl is the most popular website among users in the category Hotels & Accommodations 

    Freetime Company, Netherlands

    We are leading the Netherlands in the field of reservation systems, cash register systems, kitchen management systems, and is known from the PMS system, ‘VIPS’. 

    Freetime Hospitality, Netherlands