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    Life at Eurasian

    Fun, Work, Enjoyment & Relaxation

    We aim to provide a well-balanced work environment to all our employees with meaningful work challenges & entertaining events for everyone.Working in Eurasian is just like a family

    Sporting Events

    If Sports is your passion, Eurasian is the place to work with planned sporting events to bring out the sportsman in you.

    Office Events

    Birthdays, Anniversaries, or any events whether big or small. At Eurasian we celebrate every event with enthusiasm. Or maybe we need more reasons to party.


    We at Eurasian welcome & revel in the cultural diversity of our employees and take great pleasure in celebrating all festivals with pride.


    We at Eurasian love to foster team sprit among our employees and believe that fun outings will further the bonding between our employees and help them function better as a team.
    Eurasian has a responsibility to all our employees. We believe that being secure in your life outside of work is crucial for our employees to complete quality work. We aim to create a fun and lively work environment by organizing various activities that motivate our people to be their very best.
    Come and be part of something great