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    company history

    More than 10+ years we provide
    IT solutions


    Eurasian Journey started for new beginning


    Eurasian officially launched with few employees


    Partnered with voordeeluitjes.nl to build their next gen platform from the ground up


    As our company grew, we expanded our operations from bigger premises.


    We launched Picotello - our next generation of Hotel management solutions


    Eurasian successfully moving forward with new challenges

    company history

    Why choose us

    Eurasian Company is a dynamic, specialized company that helps hospitality entrepreneurs in achieving your highest goals like increasing continuous quality and turnover, at the most attractive costs. Our company is a product-based company with Hospitality projects offered across Europe. We are working with a hotel booking website operating in Europe and offer hotel packages for our customers.

    Our vision is to become the global leader in offering a top-notch solution to the hospitality industry. Our innovations drive a new era of development, growth, and productivity in the domain of hospitality.

    We believe all merchants can excel using digital technology. Our mission is to simplify digital commerce for hotel, events and hospitality with the guidance, technology, and support best suited for their long-term success.

    Eurasian is one of the rare companies to offer the complete range of integrated solutions exclusively for the hospitality industry. We offer internationally recognized, high-quality products that meet every requirement of hotels. Using the latest technology, we provide regular enhancements and customization to all Eurasian systems. Our offerings include everything from Desktop and Cloud based Hotel Management Solution to Channel Manager, Booking Engine.


    Business Partners

    We are the top three website for travel & hospitality products in the Netherlands. Voordeeluitjes.nl is the most popular website among users in the category Hotels & Accommodations 

    Freetime Company, Netherlands

    We are leading the Netherlands in the field of reservation systems, cash register systems, kitchen management systems, and is known from the PMS system, ‘VIPS’. 

    Freetime Hospitality, Netherlands