About Eurasian

Eurasian is a dynamic software development company. We are present in the market for the past five years. We are with more than 35 employees and still growing.
We have our development team in Hyderabad and in Holland and we work closely together on several products like: VIPS, Piccotello and Voordeeluitjes.nl.
The products are all in the hospitality domain and used in the European market. We are a team who believes, the more the merrier. We share ideas to improve and grow our products and grow as a company too. We have colleagues who are just out of college. They are young, dynamic and we welcome their innovative ideas. On the contrary we have senior experienced colleagues who guide us through this competitive market.
Working in Eurasian is just like a family. You get to do your responsibility but walking together towards the common goal. We focus on each employee’s personal development, collegiality, creativity providing them a motivation and inspiring work environment. We do have the fun days with team outings, team lunches and team dinners, internal fun events, celebrations to stack the fuel for the work days.

Our Stories

Keerthi | Software Developer

I am getting all the support and guidance from our senior colleagues, who are helping me to shape up my career. As a fresher it is a good opportunity for me.

Anil | Front-end Developer

I have got an excellent team to work with and supportive superior management.

Padmini | Software Developer

In these years of working here, I have improved my technical skills, learned about the workflow. Get to work with the Global team here.

Lakshmana | Software Developer

I got an opportunity to start my career here and work towards its development. I get a wonderful work-life balance.

Rishitha | Test Engineer

Every suggestion is considered and welcomed by the team and help me to understand and learn things in a quicker. Happy to continue working here.

Mahabub | Software Developer

Eurasian is a Great place to work if you are looking for a company that values culture. They strongly believe that culture is the driving force to a great work environment.

Meet Our Departments

Using cutting edge technology and by never shying from pioneering with own technologies, we continuously keep raising the bar with our rock-solid, high traffic and high availability services. Our teams provide the foundation of all user experiences.
JonathanFront-end Developer
We know how to reach every type of user on every type of machine, using only the newest of technologies at our disposal. Our devoted teams excel in user experience and keep a keen eye on the conversion rate.
RaviPHP Developer
Our international teams provide critical services that form the basis of all financial, statistical, sales and after sales support services. Whatever is requested, you can count on us! We take great pride in our reliability.
VijayDelphi Developer
A proven language for a proven team for our proven enterprise software solution. Almost any request by any of our hospitality clients can be resolved by us. Either in the cloud or on premise. Our agile team make sure solutions work and stay working whilst paving the …
SrujanaTesting Engineer
Using a product is different than testing a product. We know all the scenarios and if possible we automate it using Selenium. To constant improve the quality of the test is our goal so we are sure our products meet the quality our customers demand.
ArchanaHR Manager
We believe the employees are our assets. We hire the best fits and give them the work life balance, career enhancement and self-development opportunities and look after their payroll, benefits and their welfare.

Our Products

Meet Piccotello, the select web-based property management system (PMS) built by experts specifically for the small hotelier and B&B. The management of reservations, billing [invoicing] and housekeeping in the online reservation system is simple. The ‘guest history’ feature can offer you the best service and you always have the guest data at your fingertips. The advanced reports provide insight into your business and help you determine the next steps.
Visit Piccotello.com
Vips is a powerful software package for managing your hotel or conference. With Vips you manage all your rooms in a well-organized environment. Making a reservation or checking in a guest is done in a second. The package can be expanded easily due to the extensive linking possibilities. Links with channel managers, financial packages, stock systems and many more possibilities are made quickly and easily.
Visit vips.com
Voordeeluitjes.nl is the packages booking site of the Netherlands. At Voordeeluitjes.nl you can go for the reservation of a holiday park or hotel package. Voordeeluitjes.nl has a wide range of Hotels and Holiday Parks in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France and Austria.
Visit voordeeluitjes.nl

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